Speed Walton

  • 15 Mar

    Raven’s Recap: Speed Walton

    Speed Walton is back in the Queen City.

    After headlining with Erika Badu, Snoop Dogg and working with legends like Pharrell, Speed Walton came back to his hometown to release his debut album in partnership with Capital records.

    He came by the Wiz studio Friday to talk about the release of his new album ‘RealNameSPEED’ and his listening party.

    The Interview

    The five-time Cincinnati entertainment award winner sat down with Wiz personality, Tropikana and immediately began the Q & A.

    The local turned national artist answered each question with humility. The topics varied from adjusting to the culture change after moving from Cincinnati to Los Angeles to what song he was looking forward to performing the most — ‘Late Nights 1 AM’.

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    Through Raven’s Rays: Speed Walton’s listening party @ TopCats

    Walking into Top Cats was like walking into a modern-day jazz club. The exposed brick and underground club feel matched the vibe of the night.

    The atmosphere was immediately set as his mother greeted me at the front door. At that moment I knew this listening experience would be filled with love and positive energy.

    DJ Ghost, Speed Walton’s official DJ, set the tone on stage while guests continued to come in and grabbed drinks.

    Walton greeted friends, family, and fans in the growing crowd. He made his way around embracing and taking pictures with as many people as he could as he walked towards the stage.

    The music came to a halt when DJ Ghost made the introduction for Speed Walton.

    Speed came to the mic to welcome the audience and dedicated the album to his grandmother, ‘Big Momma.’

    “The first song I wrote, in between that time, I was working on the album, my grandma died, and it was really hard to drop this album. So this album is dedicated for my big momma.”

    His grandmother was the first to give him a note pad, and that’s where his journey began.

    After apologizing to his mom for forgetting his belt, he kicked off with the first song of the night, ‘Alien Stoner.’

    A short moment after the opening, Speed shared a tearful hug with his mother — happy tears, no worries. His live band, aided to the funky-galactic-neo-soul hip-hop sound.

    Side note: Top Cats sound system is great!

    The soulful lullaby of Aiyo Sophia drifted out the speakers as ‘Late nights 1 AM’ began,  the song he was most excited about to perform. I looked around to soak in the full crowd, and my attention was captured at the fact that many in the audience were singing the lyrics along with Speed. The album had just dropped that morning.

    For the entire night, there wasn’t a single person that wasn’t moving.

    Speed Walton ended the night by inviting one of his friends on stage to perform one last song. It seemed to be a hometown favorite as family and friends flooded the front of the stage singing along.

    As he ended the song by having everyone raise their Space Invaderz symbols (Vulcan or Mr. Spock hand symbol), Speed thanked everyone for coming. Seeing almost every hand up expressing the signature hand signal, it left a lasting impression that Speed Walton, or as his OG fans remember him Buggs Tha Rocka, has a dedicated fan base.

    The listening experienced ended with a group photo, but the celebration had just begun.

    Fresh off the Stage

    Post interview: Speed Walton with Raven Nevar